About Us

What makes TLCFA special for the community

Telugu Language and Culture Foundation of Australia Inc. (TLCFA) is a non-profit organisation which promotes the Telugu language and culture to both Telugu and non-Telugu speaking Australian community.

Telugu Language and Culture Foundation of Australia (TLCFA) organises and facilitates multicultural, traditional significant events to bring the community together. Also foster cordial relations between the Telugu multicultural community and the broader Australian community. Also pursues a range of multicultural, educational activities and programs aimed at adults, youth, children.


  • Celebrate, preserve culture and traditions in meaningful ways
  • Encourage inclusive participation and relationship building with the broader community in celebrating and valuing multiculturalism
  • Foster cross cultural exchanges that help to build inter cultural relationships
  • Promote mutual respect, awareness and understanding of cultural diversity
  • Engage in dialogue and information sharing that provides a platform for meaningful civic engagement and community service