Telugu Language and Culture Foundation of Australia Inc. (TLCFA) is a community based non-profit organisation. Promotes the Telugu language and Culture to both Telugu and non-Telugu speaking Australians. Also, pursues a range of Cultural and Educational activities and programs aimed at adults, youth, children to bring the community together.

“Together we make a Difference”

Upcoming Events

TLCFA Upcoming Events

TLCFA organises multicultural, traditional significant events to bring the community together and foster relations between the Telugu community and the broader Australian community. Find out what's on in our calendar of events.

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Telugu School

Telugu School

TLCFA operating Telugu school once a week since last two years. Encouraging children to learn the mother tounge would help them to develop confidence, self-esteem and their unique identity in the global world.

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TLCFA Services

We engage young people by creating a greater sense of belonging and self-confidence with flexible, tailored education programs to increase their skills and knowledge.“Together we make a Difference”

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TLCFA Gallery

TLCFA will bring the multicultural community together to foster relations with the broader Australian community.
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